Eagle offers several different types of connecting rods for many different applications. Our "SIR" forged 5140 steel I-Beam rod is intended to be a good alternative to reconditioning O.E. rods. In many cases, Eagle "SIR" rods are a little stronger than O.E. rods depending on which O.E. you compare them to. Not intended for competition use, we generally recommend them for use up to about 500hp in a small block and 700hp in a big block.

Eagle "FSI" forged 4340 steel I-Beam rods are a performance-oriented I-Beam rod. 7/16" ARP 8740 bolts are used in every application. Costs are kept low by using the rod "as-forged" on non-critical surfaces. That, coupled with the easy-to-manufacture I-Beam design makes the "FSI" rod an excellent choice for naturally-aspirated competition engines. Upgrade to ARP 2000 bolts for high rpm capabilities. "FSI" rods are recommended for use up to 750hp.

Eagle's 3rd generation design (3D) H-Beam rods are the measure by which all other connecting rods on the market are measured. Eagle utilizes large-scale manufacturing to keep costs low, but only uses ASME-certified 4340 steel, ARP bolts, and silicon-bronze bushings. Eagle H-Beam rods are the preferred choice for high horsepower, high RPM competition engines utilizing nitrous, forced induction, or exotic fuels. The rod itself is recommended for use up to about 1500 hp. The ARP bolts required to handle that are ARP's L19 bolts. 1500hp is a lot more than a lot of people need, so Eagle H-Beam rods are also offered with much less expensive ARP 8740 bolts or ARP 2000 bolts. Eagle H-Beam rods with 7/16" ARP 8740 bolts are recommended for use up to 800hp. With 7/16" ARP 2000 bolts, 1300hp (V8), with L19 bolts, 1500hp. Eagle's H-Beam rods for most sport compact applications feature 3/8" ARP 2000 bolts. These are recommended for use up to 900hp (4 cyl) and 1500hp (6 cyl) in turbocharged applications. For even more power-handling capabilities, see out Extreme Duty connecting rods for sport-compact applications.

Eagle Extreme Duty (XD) rods feature the same time-tested 3rd generation design, but further surface polishing improves fatigue life by removing microscpic pits and inclusions where fatigue cracks begin. In addition, ARP's premium fastener material, Custom Age 625+, is used. ARP Custom Age 625+ material oasts a typical tensile strength of 245,000 psi vs. ARP 2000's 220,000 psi. It comes with a heafty price tag, though. The rods are not for the faint of heart. Power ratings have not been established for these rods. Honestly, we just haven't had any fail yet. They are not indestructible, though. We feel the power capabiities to be somewhere in the 1200 hp range for 4 cyl. applications and 1800hp for 6 cylinder applications. Why don't we make them for V8's? Stay tuned....